Top 10 Air Purifier Plant

The air we know is the mixture of the gas. Predominate part of the air comprise of Nitrogen, which represents around seventy-eight percent by volume of the air. It has around twenty-one percent of the oxygen and trace amount of other gasses.
The alternation of the normal concentration of the gasses of by addition of the harmful gasses in the atmosphere is often known as air pollution.
In broad categories, there are two types of the pollution one is the indoor pollution and the other is outdoors pollution.
Indoor pollution is thousands time dangerous then outdoor pollution these necessitate the need to take serious consideration of the pollution.
The ideal air purifier plant should effectively cleanse the air and it should need small effort to handle.
Due to several health benefits by planting the Air Purifier plant indoor the interest in the plantation of the air purifier is constantly on the rise.
Top 10 Air Purifier Plant

Air Purifier Plants are

1. Snake Plant

Commonly known as grandmother tongue snake plant is of immense importance especially for the indoor air purifier. These have been approved by the NASA for its potential to remove the toxins.

2. Money Plant

Money plant is well known for their power to cleanse the air. Money plant does not require intensive care and can be grown with ease.

3. Garden Mum

Garden mum is claimed to have the potential power to cleanse the indoor air.

4. Bamboo Palm

Bamboo palm has the potential to purify the air laden with the formaldehyde and others.

5. Peace Lily

The peace lily is renounced to thieve in the place without the adequate sunlight. Further, the goodness of its potent air purification capacity drastically increases its popularity.

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is often noticed for the goodness of the medicinal property innate in it.
Aloe Vera can also be plated indoor to make the air fresh to breath by cleansing the air.

7. Spider Plant

The goodness of the spider plant is often claimed to remove the toxins in the air.

8. Rubber Plant

Despite being notorious for the toxic to the domestic animal such as cat and dog. The plantation of the rubber plant is claimed to be beneficial to obtain the indoor air quality.

9. Dracaena

Dracaena is well known as the plant, which has the potential to purify the indoor air.

10. Boston Fern

These are well known for removing the formaldehyde followed by the water vapor from the air. Due to this nature, it is often included in the list of the plant, which has the potential to clean indoor air.