Mushroom Paradox Risk and Benefit of Eating

Almost everyone on the earth has experienced the taste of the mushroom. As, it is often referred to as vegan diet, which is suitable for consumption by every individual. Mushrooms are the largest fungus around the globe and are extensively used as the vegetable  (1).

Human has been consuming mushroom for around thirteen thousand years from now (2).

Mushroom is neither the fruit nor the vegetable as it is not the plant.

The cultivation of mushroom is popular around the globe. China accounts for world largest production of the mushroom.
Mushroom Paradox Risk and Benefit of Eating
One cannot be absolutely sure of the toxicity of the wild mushroom simply by looking at the texture. Anyone who wants to consume wild mushroom needs to be consumed in moderation. As none of the mushroom pundits around the globe can differentiate the poisonous mushroom with the absolute degree of certainty.

Mode of Consumption

There is the various edible variety of the mushroom found in the world. It is essential to cook the mushroom to rip the benefit from consuming it.
The cell wall covering the mushroom individual cell is hard and unbreakable by our digestive enzyme. This is the prime reason for the compulsion to cook the mushroom before consumption.


Wild mushroom is responsible for hundreds of death every year around the world. This is mainly due to mushroom toxicity that can be highly fatal.

How to Differentiate the Poisonous Mushroom

All the mushroom available in the market are edible ones.
Examining the morphological character one cannot distinguish between poisonous and non-poisonous mushroom.
Generally, the rural people differentiate the mushroom based on the growing substratum. Normally, it is considered non-poisonous when the mushroom is grown in dead tree substratum.
A mushroom grown directly from the bare ground is often regarded as the poisonous.

Medicinal uses of the mushroom

There are the mushroom varieties that produce the hallucination in the human body upon consumption. These mushrooms are widely used in the folk medicine in the past (3).

Nutrition of the Mushroom

The nutrient content in the mushroom varies with the mushroom types.
Generally mushroom contains the moderate amount of carbohydrate and protein and the slight amount of fat.
Vitamin content in the mushroom is Vitamin C, D and B complex vitamin-like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B9.
A mushroom that as exposed to light even after harvesting contain the adequate amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D is absent if the mushroom is not exposed to UV radiation.
Minerals present in the mushroom are zinc, sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, Phosphorous and selenium (4).

Health Benefit of the Mushroom

In order to get the optimum benefit from mushroom consumption moderation is the key.

1. Weight Loss

This can be a safe alternative for anyone wishing to lose the weight. It has the slight amount of the fat and moderate amount of carbohydrate. Further, the mushroom is lush with the vitamins and mineral required by human body.

2. Healthy Heart

A healthy heart can attend due to the presence of minerals like the potassium which is vital for mentioning the adequate blood pressure in the human body (5).

3. Antimicrobial

Mushrooms are known for the antimicrobial properties. Due to this, it is effective in erasing the disease arises due to the variety of pathogens.

4. Diabetes

Due to the goodness of nutrient and fiber content in the mushroom regular consumption of the mushroom is believed to ease the adverse effect of diabetes.

5. Boost Immunity

This is due to the presence of vitamin and selenium that can be beneficial to boost the immunity of the cell.

6. Cancer

Consuming mushroom can prevent the occurrence of cancer. This is mainly due to the presence of the antioxidant, Vitamin D, Folate and Selenium which has the innate capacity to neutralize the adverse effect of the free radical in the cell (6).

7. Energy Boosting

Vitamin B complex is essential for the production of the energy in the body. Mushroom contain the adequate amount of B complex vitamin, which can act as great energy booster (7).

8. Healthy Bone

Due to the adequate content of minerals like calcium and magnesium the healthy bone can be obtained. Further, mushroom exposed to UV radiation even after harvest has the vitamin D in it. Vitamin D is vital for the absorption of the Calcium in the body.

Although the calcium present in the Mushroom is 18 Milligram per 100 gram of mushroom. They can be absorbed by our system.

Adverse Effect of Mushroom Consumption

There are some adverse effect on consuming the mushroom

1. Bowel Upset

Some individual experience the distress in the stomach.  There are the cases of nausea and vomiting after consuming the mushroom. Anyone having discomfort with the mushroom consumption needs to avoid it.

2. Dizziness, Headache, and Anxiety

While consuming some types of mushroom one can notice the uneasy feeling in the mental state. There are some mushroom species that are known to produce the dizziness in the human body upon consumption.

3. Lactation and Pregnant

It is generally considered safe to abstain from the mushroom during the time of pregnancy and while feeding the milk to the young. This is mainly due to the risk of consuming the mushroom.