Elusive Tropical Fruit Longan 11 Health Benefits

Longan is the tropical fruitless known to the world. Often this fruit is referred to as the Dragon Eye. The Longan belongs to the same family of the lychee. The taste of the Longan is similar to that of the lychee. Due to this, it is often referred as the little brother of lychee.
Longan is native to the Southeast Asia (1). It is generally perceived that Longan is originated from the mountain range of the China and Myanmar. The precise place of origin of Longan is not known.
The evergreen tree can measure up to seven meters in height. The plant prefers sandy soil for the optimum growth.
Elusive Tropical Fruit Longan 11 Health Benefits


Longan is highly sensitive to the frost and does not flourish in the frosty places. For optimum Longan growth, there is the need for humid summer followed by the cold winter.
Longan avoids the permafrost soil hence alpine climate is not suitable for growing.


Propagation of the Longan is mostly carried by the vegetative means. Like other plant propagation by means of seed requires six years: the long time to bear the fruit (2). Usually, air layering is commonly used in the propagation of the Longan.
Elusive Tropical Fruit Longan 11 Health Benefits

Method of Consumption

The mode of consumption is similar to that of the lychee.
The outer covering needs to be open by gently squeezing or gently peeling. The inner flesh needs to be consumed by excluding the inner seed.


For optimum benefit, it is essential to consume Longan in moderation. Due to the high content of carbohydrate person suffering from diabetes needs to consume in moderation.
It is not recommended to consume Longan during the pregnancy. The health benefit is for normal people and not advised for pregnant women.


Longan is the good source of vital nutrient required for human body. Longan contains the higher amount of carbohydrate that is more than fifteen percent by volume, the negligible amount of fat and adequate amount of protein.
Vitamins present are vitamin C and B complex vitamin-like B1, B2, and B3.
Minerals present in the Lingam are the potassium, phosphorous, zinc, sodium, magnesium, manganese, iron and calcium in varying amount (3).

Medicinal Value

Traditionally, Longan was used as the prime source of blood metabolism. Due to various antimicrobial and anticancer qualities, they are widely used to cure various ailments (4).

Major Health Benefits

1. Insomnia

Traditionally the Longan is widely used to in the remedy of the insomnia occurrence in individuals.
Due to ease of fatigue due to high carbohydrate content in Longan sound sleep can be obtained. This is the prime reason for the use of Longan to cure insomnia.

2. Energy Boosting

Due to the high amount of carbohydrate and Water-soluble vitamin-like C and B complex consumption of the Longan helps in the energy boosting.

3. Cancer

Various cancers occurring in the human body can be prevented by the intake of the Longan. Longan is rich in antioxidant that is effective to get rid of free radical damage to the cell.

4. Immunity Booster

This is the role performed by the water-soluble vitamin named vitamin C. This can be effective to get rid of the various ailments arises due to the lack of the immune power in the body (5).

5. Mention the Healthy Heart

This is mainly due to minerals such as potassium and magnesium required to mention the optimum function of the heart. Longan has the low level of fat which is beneficial to obtain healthy heart.

6. Aliments on Stomach

Various ailments occurring in the stomach such as pain and distress in the stomach can be erased by the consumption of the Longan. This is mainly due to the antimicrobial quality of the Longan that is effective to get rid of the pathogens.

7. Healthy Bone

Due to the lush in magnesium, phosphorous in the Longan that is vital for the formation of healthy bone in the human body.

8. Enhance Cognitive Power

Longan has the adequate amount of copper required for optimum functioning of the nervous system including brain cell. Due to this consumption of the Longan is effective in boosting the cognitive function of the body.

9. Anemia

Although the level of iron in Longan is lower than other fruits. There has been the study that claims the benefit to combat anemia.

10. Antioxidant

Longan is high in antioxidant which can be effective in preventing various disease caused by the adverse effect of free radical.

11. Weight Loss

There has been literature that claims that the consumption of the Longan is associated with the weight loss at the rapid rate. For weight loss, it is essential to consume Longan in moderation.