Aging and Loneliness Causes and 10 Prevention

Loneliness in the old age has become common in the present world. The problem is rife in the developed country than the developing country. There are series of factors, which is triggering the loneliness in old age.
Among them, the most potent factor is the massive materialistic culture. Materialism is the running after the money. This is beneficial for the economic prosperity of the individual as well as the nation but it also has the series of drawbacks among them is the loneliness during the old age.
Due to the advancement of the technology followed by the advancement of the medical science. Human has been able to massively enhances the average life expectancy. As people are living longer they are becoming more prone to the suffering from several ailments like the depression.
Aging is the inevitable process as the human does not control the aging process. There are various aging theories which claim that human get older due to the series of the factors upon which humans have little control.
Aging and Loneliness Causes and 10 Prevention
Intake of the diet during the different phases of the life cycle makes the body vulnerable to several diseases like Cataract, Alzheimer’s and many others. These necessities the adequate understanding of the nutritious diet to prevent several ailments in the human body.
The visual impartation caused by the occurrence of the cataract causes several noisome effects during the old age. Further, the occurrence of the Alzheimer’s can create a vista of noisome effect during the old age. These necessitate the adequate understating of the diet in young age to obtain the sound health.
Our primordial ancestor lives in the well-organized society where each and every individual was allocated the specific task. This was the potent tool to prevent some forms of the loneliness.
The loneliness of the old age is considered as the triggering factors for the occurrence of the depression in different individuals (1).
Loneliness primarily is the product of the long-term isolation.

Causes of Loneliness in Elder

1. Depression

Chronic depression can lead to the occurrence of the loneliness in several individuals. There are various triggering factors for the depressions some factors like genetic are often difficult to control by the modification of the diet or other alternative therapy (2).
Anyone with the chronic symptoms of depression needs to consult the trained physicians, which can advise the medication for the adequate treatment.

2. Divorce

The divorce produces several negative effects on the mental health and the makes the human prone the depression. This is due to the triggering of the negative emotion due to the loneliness.
The rife occurrence of the divorce is accelerating the occurrence of the loneliness in the present world.

3. Moving to New Location

Moving in the new place produce hindrance in the socialization leading to the loneliness. There are several ways to combat this types of loneliness like attending the clubs, meeting, seminar where one can interact with the new member.
Although there are various options available to cure this types of loneliness. It is still prevalence in the human society.

4. Lacking Social Support

Lack of the social support can lead to the loneliness. Social support is vital for the individuals to thieve in the society. Lack of support from the members of the society can cause several obstacles in the day-to-day mundane activities.

5. Bad Companion

Bad companion creates series of noisome during the mundane task, which can make anyone prone to the loneliness.

6. Massive Indulgence in Alcohol

Massive indulgence in the alcohol can cause the isolation, as alcohol is the chronic depressant. Constant intake of the alcohol can cause the depression.
Alcohol abuse is frequently claimed as the causative factors for the occurrence of the loneliness (3).

7. Marijuana

Intake of the marijuana put anyone in the euphoria and during this stage, every individual tends to isolate themselves, as they prefer solitude while taking marijuana. In long run, this can leads to the problem of the isolation.
There are articles rife on the Internet on the beneficial effect on the loneliness and the intake of the Weed. This needs to be analyzed seriously for their authenticity (4).

8. Social Stigma

In the developed country grown-up offspring living with the parents are not considered good by the society. Due to this young children are inclined to leave the parents at the younger age. These increase the chances of the occurrence of the loneliness in the older individuals.

9. Loss of Friends Family Member

Loss of the friends and family member can put the close relatives and friends to the emotional trauma leading to the occurrence of the loneliness.
Further, during the advanced age, friends and family member die. This is the natural process, which makes the problem of the loneliness sever. This drastically increases the suffering (5).


1. Stroke

There is the distinct relation with the surge in the occurrence of the stroke, various heart disease, and the loneliness. Loneliness has series of the impact on the human health accelerating the occurrence of the stroke (6).

2. Drug Addiction

Often the chronic loneliness trigger human to misuse the drugs. This is partly to escape from the incessant pain of the loneliness.
There are several types of research pointing out the association of the loneliness and the drugs addiction.

3. Suicide

Loneliness for the considerable longer period of time can put the individuals into the chaotic mental state leading to the suicide. This is the worst outcome of the loneliness as the individual itself ends his or her life.

4. Hormonal Misbalance

The chronic loneliness can create hormonal misbalance in the human body and makes the individual vulnerable to various disease.

Ways to Combat Loneliness in Old Age

There are several ways to combat the loneliness during the old age. Some common ways to combat the loneliness are described in brief.

1. Making Younger Friend

Making young friend helps to overcome the effect of the loneliness. Young people are lush with the enthusiasm, which can be beneficial in the combat of the loneliness.

2. Keeping Pet

Keeping pet animal can help in the combat of the loneliness problems in the dotage. There are various researches claiming the keeping of the pet has the profound impact in demising the occurrence of the loneliness (7).
Keeping pet animals not only helps in the refreshment but also aids in the maneuver. This is of immense health importance during the loneliness.

3. Socialization

Being social is the prime ways to combat the loneliness. Talking with the people who share the comment interest can soothe the loneliness during the old age.

4. Hearing Aids

Old age is marked by the rapid hearing loss, which requires hearing aids. Lack of the adequate power to hear causes problem during the socialization which causes several noisome effects, especially in socialization.

5. Glasses

Loss of the vision can cause severe problems in the maneuver and other problems. Due to this Glasses are essential for the movement during the old age.

6. Medical Attention

Adequate medical attention is vital to combat the loneliness. A person suffering from various ailments are prone to the loneliness resulting to several noisome effects in the human health.

7. Finance

Anyone needs to have adequate shaving for the retirement according to the spending habit. An individual with little saving can move to the cheap place for the retirement which can produce ease due to the easing of the financial burden.

8. Devotion

The devotion is of various types, as it is not confined to the religion. A person believing in the God can devote towards the God. Depending on the interest one can have to the devotion to the variety of things.

9. Help Others

Helping other either financially, physically, mentally can help in the combat of the loneliness. Depending on the mental acumen and skill the types of help someone offers varies.

10. Balance Diet


Intake of the balanced diet is vital to obtain the sound health. Lack of the sufficient nutrition in the diet makes the human body vulnerable to several ailments. Which can ruin the entire health and makes the body prone to the loneliness (8).