18 Health Benefits and Risk of Visiting Beach

Beach is often considered refreshing due to the tranquility of the ocean. The ocean wave can be invigorating to anyone wishing to visit.
Although the visiting of the beach is often taken as the form of refreshment it also has innate immense health benefits.
Visiting the ocean beach can be fatal such as stinging by the venomous animals, tsunami, the innate danger of drowning. As the potential risk of visiting beach outweighs the benefits.  Now a day’s people are being cautioned on the health benefits of visiting the beach and are frequently visiting the beach.
In past, it was generally perceived that visiting the ocean has the nugatory effect to obtain the healthy body. Now a day, due to the advancement of the modern science and technology enabling human to have adequate understanding the beneficial nature of the Beach.
18 Health Benefits and Risk of Visiting Beach

Health Benefits of Visiting Beach

1. Fresh Air

Sea air is claimed to have the negative ions, which is beneficial to boost the oxygen absorption in the human body (1).
Absorption of the oxygen in the human body has series of advantage like keeping adequate metabolic activates (2).

2. Strengthen Bone

The synthesis of the vitamin D by the effect of sunlight is beneficial to obtain the healthy bone (3).
Vitamin D is vital for the adequate absorption of the calcium in the human body.

3. Depression

The beneficial effect of the sunlight, which triggers the formation of the vitamin D in the human body. Visit a beach can be beneficial in combating depression.
Further, the goodness of the sea waves helps to stabilize the agitating mood to tranquil one (4).

4. Acne

The reduction of the bacterial growth by the salt innate in the ocean water is claimed to be beneficial for the one suffering from acne (5).

5. Hair

The synergetic effect of the sand, salt and sunlight are claimed to be beneficial to obtain the healthy hair in the humans (6).
Salt water is effective in removing excess of oil from the hair. This can be beneficial to get rid of series of ailments in the human head like dandruff.

6. Skin

Sand is effective in removing the dead skin and opening the new pores, which is beneficial to obtain the healthy skin.
The goodness of the ultraviolet radiation from the sun is beneficial to keep the invigorating skin.
Further, the goodness of the anti-aging minerals innate in the seawater is claimed to increase the elasticity of the skin of the body (7).

7. Vitamin D

Spending merely ten minutes is enough for the body to manufacture vitamin D required for the human body (8).

8. Respiratory Ailments

A person with the respiratory ailments like bronchitis, asthma, breathing difficulty, etc. can be beneficiated by the visit of the beach.
Due to the boosting of the immune system, which can help to prevent the microbial growth followed by antimicrobial nature of the salt, helps to ward off various common ailments in the human body.
People with the lung disease can be benefited by the visit to the ocean beach (9).

9.  Soothing Stress

Stress can be drastically reduced by the visit to the beach (10).
Stress can create lots of noisome during the everyday life.

10. Insomnia Cure

The cumulative effect of the fresh air in the beach and the goodness of the sunlight are beneficial in obtaining sound sleep in the human body (11).
High-energy expenditure during the beach work is beneficial in curing insomnia in the human body.

11. Infection

The saltwater in the ocean has the potent antibacterial and antifungal nature, which is beneficial in the prevention of infection in the human body (12).

12. Demise Inflammation

The healing power of the seawater is calmed to ease the inflammation in the human body (13).

13. Iodine Absorption

It is estimated that the iodine innate in the ocean water gets inside the human body while submerging in the ocean water.
Iodine has the immense health benefits of the consumption (14).

14. Weight Loss

Walking and running on the beach is the arduous process requiring lots of energy. Due to this walking on the beach is often considered as the potential source of the weight loss (15).

15. Healthy Immune System

The goodness of the sunlight exposure, which helps in the synthesis of the vitamin D in the human body, is beneficial to boost the immune system in the human body (16).
Further, the iodine in the seawater helps to boost the immune system in human body.
Visit the Beach can be boon for the one with the weakened immune system.

16. Stuffy Nose

Swimming in the ocean loaded with the salt water makes the nasal passage moist. This is effective in the prevention of the stuffy nose (17).

17. Soothe Rheumatoid Arthritis

Swimming in the ocean water can be best options for the one suffering from arthritis.
Walking on the beach enhance the exposure to the sun with is beneficial to soothe rheumatoid arthritis (18). 

18. Enhance metabolism

A visit to the beach enhances the metabolism in the human body. This is due to false trigger to the brain that one has gain weight.
This can be achieved by burying own self in the sand (19).

Risk of Visiting Beach

1. Itchy Skin

Due to the allergic reaction to the various compounds in the beach that can cause the itchy skin

2. Sunburn

Massive exposure to the dazzling heat of the day can cause the sunburn. The common symptoms of too much heat are a headache, fever, chills, etc.

3. Venomous Animal

There is always the hidden danger of shark attack, box jellyfish sting, and various other hazards while swimming in the ocean.

4. Water Quality


Water quality of the ocean is widely debated due to the contamination of the various chemicals and bacteria.