14 Proven Health Benefits of Asparagus

Asparagus is the perennial flowering plant widely consumed around the globe. The reason for the immense popularity of the asparagus is its immense health benefits from its consumption.
The appearance of bud on the asparagus makes the Asparagus Woody and unsuitable for consumption. This essential to consume the tender shoots of the asparagus.
Asparagus is primarily used as the appetizer around the globe.
14 Proven Health Benefits of Asparagus


Asparagus was consumed fresh during the seasons and often the frozen and dried asparagus was consumed during the winter in primordial time. Now a day’s fresh asparagus are available throughout the year.


Asparagus grows from the crowns in the spring in the soil with the adequate amount of fertilizer, and moisture.  It can also be propagated through the seeds in the frost-free environment.


Asparagus content vitamin K that can impair the blood clotting. The person taking the blood thinning medication needs to take asparagus in moderation.
The purine content in the asparagus is claimed to interfere with the kidney stone in the human body.


Asparagus can be considered as one of the superfoods available based on the goodness of nutrition.
It contains merely tree percent carbohydrate, more than two percent protein and the scant amount of fat.
Vitamins present are the A, C, E, K and B-complex vitamin-like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9 in varying amount.
Minerals present are Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Potassium, Phosphorous, and Sodium in varying amount (1).

Health Benefits of Eating Asparagus

1. Diabetes

Due to the innate low carbohydrate content and lush in the fiber. Asparagus can be beneficial for the one suffering from diabetes (2).
Further, the presence of B complex vitamins like B1, B2, B3, and B6 can be beneficial for the one suffering from diabetes.
The presence of metal like chromium, which is claimed to be effective in the regulation of the glucose in the human body drastically, increases the function.

2. Cancer

Asparagus is lush with the goodness of antioxidant required for the human body. The presence of antioxidant can be effective in the combat of the several noisome diseases (3).
Cancer like breast, colon, stomach, cervical, pancreatic cancer can be prevented by its consumption.
The presence of rutin as an antioxidant increases the medicinal benefits of the Asparagus consumption.

3. Blood Pressure

Asparagus is the natural diuretic which is effective in the combat of the high blood pressure in the human body (4).
The high level of amino acid named asparagine present in the asparagus is claimed to be the potential diuretic.

4. Healthy Bone

Asparagus is lush with the goodness required for the normal functioning of the bone. The presence of minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous drastically increase the bone health. Further, the presence of vitamin K drastically improves the beneficial functions.
Due to several beneficial effect disease like osteoporosis can be prevented. This disease is marked by massive leakage of calcium from the bone.

5. Edema

This is the disease marked by the accumulation of the body fluid. The diuretic character of the asparagus can be beneficial for the one suffering from edema.

6. Inflammation

Asparagus has the innate capacity to soothe the inflammation occurring in the human body. It is often regarded as the best anti-inflammatory food available for the consumption.

7. Healthy Urinary Tract

The chemical-laden in the asparagus can be beneficial in removing the toxins from the body leading to the healthy urinary tract.

8. Depression

Due to the presence of essential nutrient required for the human body, which drastically increases the health benefits of the consumption of the asparagus. Which result in effective combat from metal ailments like Depression.
Further, asparagus consumption is associated with the decrease in neurodegenerative disease occurring in the human body like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.

9. Digestive Health

Consumption of the asparagus can be beneficial for the adequate bowel movement resulting in the beneficial effect of the adequate digestion of the food.
The insulin content in the Asparagus acts as the natural prebiotic which serves the various beneficial function as they get digested in the large intestine by the beneficial microbes thieving in the large intestine.

10. Cataracts

The presence of the amino acid-like glutathione is claimed to combat the potential occurrence of cataract in the human body. Further, the goodness of vitamin A and Antioxidant prevents several ailments possibly occurs in the eye.

11. Miscarriage

Due to the content of vitamin B9 that is effective in the prevention of miscarriage during the early stage of the pregnancy. Due to the folic acid innate in asparagus miscarriage can be greatly reduced.

12. Hangovers

Asparagus is claimed to be effective in erasing the hangover caused by Alcohol (5).

13. Bronchitis

Asparagus is claimed to be beneficial for the one suffering from the respiratory ailments like bronchitis.

14. Anemia

Due to the content of iron, asparagus is effective in the combat of the Anemia, which is caused due to the deficiency of iron in the diet.