13 Healthy Living Advice: Consume Tomato

Tomato is one of the most popular fruit around the globe. Surprisingly, Tomato is categorized as fruit. Tomatoes are classified as the fruit due to the presence of ovary.
It can grow up to 3 meters in height due to the weak stem the auxiliary support is mostly for the optimum yield.
There is numerous variety of the tomato found around the globe.
Tomato is the native to America (1) although wild varieties of the tomato are found in Asia. The wild varieties of tomato are smaller in shape and comparatively stimulating in taste than other varieties.
13 Healthy Living Advice: Consume Tomato


Propagation of the tomato is mostly done by the seeds. The seedlings are grown in the controlled environment and later transformed into the suitable place for cultivation.


Tomato grows well in the temperate climate and can be grown in the winter season in the tropical and subtropical area (2).

Mode of Consumption

Tomato is mostly consumed as the raw in the form of salad. Usually, the tomato is used in various condiments to enhance the taste.
Tomato is widely consumed as the pickle that is mixed with several condiments, salts, oil, etc.  and for long-term storage.


The tomato should not be cooked in the Aluminum utensils. As they might react with the aluminum to produce the toxic chemical which has the detrimental effect on the human health.
It is essential to adequately wash the tomato before the consumption of raw.
In order to obtain the adequate health benefits, it is essential to use the fresh tomato. Canned tomato is laden with the preservatives and does not produce same nutrition benefits than that of the fresh one.


Tomato is lush with the goodness of the nutrients required for the human body. Tomato contains around four percent of carbohydrate this is the comparatively lower amount of carbohydrate than other fruits.
Less than one percent of tomato comprises of the protein and it has the trace amount of fat.
Vitamins present in the tomato are vitamin A, C, E, K and B-complex vitamin-like B1, B3 and B6.
Minerals present in the tomato are Potassium, Phosphorus, Manganese, and Magnesium in varying amount (3).

Health Benefits of Tomato

1. Hydration

Tomato is lush with the water that comprises more than ninety-four percent by volume.  A tomato is one of the good options to stay hydrated.

2. Weight Loss

Among the available fruit options to consume for weight, loss tomato is the one need to be considered. Tomato contains less than four percent of the carbohydrate and it lush with water that comprises of more than ninety-four percent.

3. Digestion

Due to the innate soluble fiber content in the tomato, it is effective in the smooth bowel movement. A smooth bowel movement can be beneficial for defeating the waste from the body.
Recurring constipation in different age group can be minimized by the regular consumption of the tomato.

4. Immune System

Tomato is lush with the goodness of the vitamin C that is essential for the immunity boosting in the human body. Further, the presence of vitamin E, which has the natural antioxidant accelerate the process.

5. Retard Ageing Process

Tomato is lush in the antioxidant that is effective in the prevention of the aging effects occurs in the human body. The presence of lycopene, vitamin C, E is the clear indication of the antioxidant in the human body (4).

6. Healthy Heart

The consumption of the tomato is widely believed to be beneficial to the human health. Several diseases that occur due to the rise in cholesterol can be minimized by the consumption of the Tomatoes (5).

7. Cancer

Consumption of the tomato is believed to be beneficial for the lowering the occurrence of cancer in the human body. Cancer like that of the prostate, pancreatic, breast cancer can be prevented by regular consumption of the tomato.
Further, colorectal cancer can be prevented by the consumption of the tomato.

8. Vision

Tomato is lush with the goodness of vitamin A that is essential for the good vision of the human body(6).

9. Kidney and Gall Bladder Stones

The goodness of the tomato consumption is associated with the decrease in the occurrence of the kidney and gallbladder stones in the human body.

10. Healthy Hair

This is due to the innate goodness of vitamin k in the tomato. It can be beneficial to regrowth of the healthier hair.

11. Control Diabetics

Due to low sugar content, the glucose level did not spike at the rapid rate. Further, the Lycopene innate in the tomato is helpful in decreasing the adverse effect of diabetes.
Regular consumption of the tomato is effective in the combat of the Type 2 diabetes occurring in the human body (7).

12. Hypertension

Hypertension is caused due to series of factors. Tomato has the adequate amount of potassium that is vital to mention the healthy blood pressure in the human body.

13. Excretory System

Due to the content of the vitamin C which is effective in the elimination of the noisome bacteria from the urinary tract healthy excretory system can be mention.
Further, the goodness of water content in the tomato helps in the adequate functioning of the excretory organs in the human body.