10 Side Effects and 8 Health Benefits of Meat and Poultry Products

Humans have been consuming meat and poultry products from the long time back. Our ancestor has been harnessing the meat from the wild animal from the long time back. Due to this red meat is the main ingredient of the Paleo diet.
Meat and poultry products are lush with the goodness of the essential nutrient and antioxidant required for the human body.
Poultry products can be defined as the product obtained from the chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks and domestic fowls and the product may be meat or an egg.
Due to relative cheaper than the red meat the demand of the poultry products is constantly on the rise.
It is generally perceived that the poultry feeds entirely on the grains. But, in reality, this is not the case as the poultry feed on the insect and others worms. Further, chicken partially feeds on their own droppings.
Naturally, Meat and Poultry products are safe to consume when adequately cooked. Adding the humongous condiments, salt, and oil to make the palatable can decrease the health benefits upon consumption.
10 Side Effects and 8 Health Benefits of Meat and Poultry Products



Health Benefits of Meat and Poultry Products

1. Healthy Bone

Due to the goodness of the calcium and other vital nutrient required for the healthy bones. Consumption of the Meat and poultry products has several benefits to obtaining healthy bone in the human body (1).

2. Anemia

The goodness of the iron present in the meat and poultry products is claimed to be the benefit to combat the occurrence of the anemia in the human body. Anemia is the disease marked by the reduction in the level of the iron in the human body leading to several adverse conditions (2).
Iron is the essential component of the hemoglobin that function as the transfer of the oxygen molecule to the various part of the human body.

3. Pregnancy

Adequate cooked meat and poultry product can be beneficial during the pregnancy (3).
Any uncooked and stale food should not be consumed during the pregnancy as they might cause various problems in the human body.
Pregnant women need to avoid any kind of food that contain uncooked meat and poultry products including the cake which contains the uncooked egg due to potential bacterial contamination.

4. Healthy Vision

The liver acts as the storage organ for the vitamin A. Consumption of the liver supply the adequate amount of the vitamin A required for the human body. Due to this consumption of the liver is claimed to be beneficial to obtain the adequate vision (4).

5. Common Cold

Although there is no potential cure for the common cold occurrence. As the common cold fed off with the passage of time.
The consumption of Warm Soup Made From Chicken can produce the beneficial effect to soothe the common cold (5).

6. Healthy Nervous System

The goodness of the vitamin B 12, B 6 and another vital nutrient in the human body consumption of the red meat produces the healthy nervous system in the human body (6).

7. Weight Loss

Due to the high content of the fat and low in the carbohydrate intake of the meat and poultry products is associated with the reduction of the body weight (7).

8. Reduces Blood Pressure

Moderate Consuming the unprocessed meat is claimed to reduce the blood pressure in the human body (8).
Although it is commonly perceived that intake of the meat and poultry product is associated with the elevation of the blood pressure in the human body.

Side Effects of Meat and Poultry Products

1. Headaches

The innate nitrites and nitrates in the processed food can trigger a headache in various individuals (9).
This is the prime reason to avoid the processed food by the one suffering from a headache.

2. Colorectal Cancer

Consumption of the red meat is often associated with the occurrence of colorectal cancer in the human body (10).
There are several types of research pointing the association of the increase in the occurrence of colorectal cancer and consumption of the red meat.

3. Prostate Cancer

Processed red meat is often blamed for the occurrence of the prostate cancer in the human body.
The processed meat is classified as the carcinogen by the international agency for research on Cancer (11).

4. Food Borne Disease

Various food born disease like salmonella, a bacteria, which causes typhoid and other bacteria can spread from meat and poultry products (12).

5. Heart Disease

It is believed that the saturated fats innate in the meat can potentially cause the occurrence of the heart disease in the human body (13).

6. Inflammation

The intake of the meat and poultry product is associated with the occurrence of the inflammation in the human body (14).
The inflammation causes several noisome effects in the human health.

7. Diabetes

The intake of the red meat is associated with the onset of diabetes in the human body (15).

8. Arsenic Contamination

There are reports of the arsenic contamination in the poultry meat around the globe. Arsenic can be toxic to the human body in trace amount (16).

9. Bad Cholesterol

Due to the content of the high saturated fat consumption of the meat is associated with the surge in bad cholesterol in the human body (17).

10. Synthetic Hormones

Synthetic hormones are used to make the animal harvested for meat to grow faster. Synthetic hormones like trenbolone acetate, zeranol, progestin, melengestrol acetate are used to enhance the growth of animals.
Massive use of the synthetic hormones has the differential effects in the human health (18).